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An extraordinary new masterclass by Marisa Peer – hypnotherapist to Olympians, royalty, rock stars & Hollywood

Discover the A-List Secret of health, wealth, love and abundance

Experience Rapid Transformational Therapy™

See for yourself how Marisa’s world-famous techniques instantly reprogram the mind to naturally and painlessly transform you into your best possible self


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In this compact masterclass, you will:

  • Experience live Rapid Transformational Therapy™ techniques with Marisa – designed to rewire your thought patterns for abundant health, wealth and love (the very same techniques Marisa uses with her private clients to create immediate, deep, and permanent change).
  • ‘Awaken’ and see the world in a very different way with this “paradigm shift” approach. RTT™ famously delivers powerful results which can be noticeable from the very next day. It’s fast and long lasting - Marisa is famed for transforming patients in just one session.
  • Reprogram the beliefs keeping you from living a healthier life. Does pain, illness, fatigue or ageing hold you back? You’ll discover how to rapidly reverse the mental programming that is keeping you stuck below optimal health and wellbeing.
  • Rewire your brain to become a wealth attraction magnet. Are you subconsciously sabotaging your own financial success? You will discover how to effortlessly rewire your mind for wealth and abundance.
  • Transform the relationships in your life. Are you completely satisfied with your personal relationships? If you sometimes feel distant from loved ones, mired in unnecessary conflicts, or even unworthy to give or receive love, you’ll learn how to reprogram those feelings into love attractors and positive connections.

And so much more…

About Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer is a globally renowned celebrity therapist with over thirty year’s experience working with clients from Royalty to Rockstars, Celebrities to CEOs and even Olympic Athletes.  Having achieved unparalleled results, she founded Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) to share her approach with the world, so as many people could benefit as possible.

Named ‘best British therapist’ by Tatler, and Men’s Health magazines, Marisa’s technique is based on the scientific phenomenon of neuroplasticity, which helps her clients literally rewire their brains for astonishing, instant, and permanent results.

Marisa is the best selling author of five books, highlighting the wonders of transformational hypnotherapy in varying fields, such as losing weight, getting pregnant, gaining confidence and staying young.

In this masterclass, Marisa will demonstrate the genuine, instant transformation made possible by her unique approach to hypnotherapy.

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Dig out the roots of your issues and learn how to rewire yourself for abundant love, wealth, and health in just one session with Marisa Peer.