All of the resources referred to in Marisa Peer's I Am Enough book can be downloaded here. Please select from the options below.

Healing Vortex

This audio is designed to help you balance your body and to overcome emotional and even physical issues by setting off a powerful healing response. Of course all healing is self-healing and by repeated playing of this audio you can implement powerful healing within you.

I Am Enough Audio

This audio is to instill and code into you the unshakable knowing that you're enough. The more you play it the more it will become a part of who you are, so enjoy playing it frequently.

Orgasm Audio

The ability to orgasm begins in the mind and you can use your mind to be wonderfully orgasmic. Studies show that orgasms are powerfully health enhancing as they decrease cortisol and lower inflammation. Orgasms can aid the production of NK cells that fight illness, they can also help decrease depression. You can look younger, live longer, sleep better and be more content and less stressed by conditioning your mind and body to easily orgasm. This audio will program your mind to say yes to a powerful orgasmic response and once the mind says yes, your body will too.

Spotify Playlist

Marisa loves the power of songs and frequently gives her clients song lyrics to sing over and over because the repetition wires positive thoughts into them and this is the precursor for positive actions. Download her uplifting playlist here.

I Am Enough Course

Designed to radically and permanently improve every key area that impacts your life, Marisa Peer has compliled everything she knows from Rapid Transformational Therapy into her award winning* 'I Am Enough' online program.

Delivered in 8 modules over 8 video and audio tracks, to download and play at your convenience, the program gives you the same stunning turnaround results experienced by all her personal clients.