I Am Enough Single Modules

Each of these modules will empower you to master your beliefs and set you up for phenomenal success. As you complete each new module, you will experience breakthroughs through the video lessons, PDF downloads, rewiring audios and motivating material.

What's included?

  • An introduction video where Marisa explains the subject of the module in greater detail.
  • A 30 minute regression session in which Marisa takes you back to three scenes to discover where limiting beliefs originated.
  • A 20-25 minute hypnosis session where Marisa will guide you to rewire your beliefs and make positive changes.
  • You can also download the hypnosis audio for each module to your desktop or mobile device. It is recommended that you listen to the hypnosis audios for 21 consecutive days for any new habit or thought to be rewired in the mind.

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*Results cannot be guaranteed

Regression therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person's present mental and emotional wellness. Only people with sound mental health who are confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health should participate. We request that you do not participate in regression therapy if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health.